It was an above averagely hot day for Gotham, much to Miriam’s dismay. She had chosen to wear the suit today. It should have been alright though. She worked in an air conditioned building with a water cooler.

It would have been alright, had she stayed in the building and had lots of water, like she planned. Unfortunately, whenever she went to get a drink today, it seemed like she was given some task to do. What’s more, a few of these tasks required her to go outside the building. So a good amount of her day was spent outside, in a suit, with little to no water.

It was the end of the workday and Miriam headed for home, or what she thought was home. Who knew what she was thinking at that point. She had managed to get heat stroke and her thoughts weren’t making much sense at that point.

She knocks on who knows’ door and promptly collapses in front of it.