Miriam was finally out of that blasted wheelchair and able to walk again. All that time spent in the hospital, in bed, on the couch, and in the wheelchair had her anxious to get out in the open and using her legs again.

She wore a long pleated skirt with tights underneath, a sweater with a long sleeved dress shirt underneath, and her usual high heeled shoes. She then donned a winter coat, a pair of gloves, a hat, a pair of earmuffs, and a scarf. With a quick note to Joshua, she was out the door.

She began walking, overjoyed she could do such a simple activity again. She enjoyed the freedom, the sights, the cold weather, and the fresh air, as fresh as it could get in Gotham, anyway. After a while, she stopped for a breather.

It was snowing. When did it start snowing? She looks up at the falling snow and smiles, momentarily forgetting the world around her.